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AIM recieves Department of Veterans Affairs CVE Validation as SDVOSB

SDVOSB-m March 20, 2013 American Independent Media was notified by the Department of Veterans Affairs802 260 542 AMERICAN INDEPENDENT MEDIA, LLC Center for Veterans Enterprise that AIM had been Verified and added to the Veterans Business database at www.vetbiz.gov. For all of you Veterans and Service Disabled Veterans who have worked hard to go through this rigorous process we can say it works. AIM finished the process in just over 31 days after receiving the application complete notice. But as you all know the preparation and due diligence required to submit a package that can be processed in thirty one days takes months to properly prepare. So we strongly advise all Veteran and service disabled Veteran business owners take the time to get everything together and check it three or four times. Then once your application has been triple checked for completeness and quality against the CVE validation briefs, CFR 38, and your validation exam – Be very responsive to data requests. I know VA has had a lot of pressure to improve the system – and after going through the initial validation application when it first started … they have … Thanks VA and CVE.

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